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The Amazing Netherlands Experience Gifts to Fill your Dutch Bucket List!

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The Amazing Netherlands Experience Gifts to Fill your Dutch Bucket List!

The Netherlands, known for its lovely canals, breathtaking tulip fields, and magnificent windmills, is a paradise on earth that perfectly exhibits the wonder of nature.

You may not know much about the memorable experiences to enjoy in the Netherlands, but the fact is, there is much more to this stunning country than meets the eye.

If you want to gift your loved ones a gift of travel and experiences, give them a Gift Experiences Netherlands to enjoy wonderful gift experiences in the Netherlands that they can choose for themselves.

Here we have compiled a list of all the adventurous and fun things to experience in the Netherlands:

1- The Marvelous Van Gogh Museum

For art lovers, the Van Gigh Museum in Amsterdam is a natural attraction and the most appealing tourist site.

You can take a tour of the magnificent VanGogh Museum delving into the troubled past of a renowned artist of all ages, getting mesmerized by the innumerable paintings with a guide explaining all the events and anecdotes related to each painting!

With a Mojo gift card, you may dodge the crowded areas in the museum and enjoy a serene gift experiences Netherlands, a peaceful visit.

2- Bungee Jumping in Hague

Scheveningen is a beachfront neighborhood of The Hague, with a substantial recreational bridge jutting into the North Sea. A Ferris wheel, cafés, and an amusement arcade are among the various attractions housed within the pier or on its upper deck.

Additionally, a sizable crane with an industrial appearance is positioned on its western side and is reachable through a spiral stairway. This impressive building standing sixty meters above sea level is a unique location for bungee jumping in the gift experiences Netherlands.

Anyone who dares to jump from the crane can do it alone or with a partner.  A 350-meter zip line that flies into Scheveningen is another option for thrill seekers who want to go back to the land from the pier.

gift experiences Netherlands

3- Ice-Skating on the Canal in Amsterdam

Want to know how it feels to skate over a frozen lake? Amsterdam has got your answer. The Dutch have a unique affinity for ice due to the abundance of lakes, rivers, and canals in the gift experiences Netherlands.

When the temperature dips below zero in Amsterdam, the city’s canals occasionally freeze over, allowing people to enjoy these waterways as makeshift ice rinks.

While this activity may appear somewhat hazardous, it is mostly controlled by the city’s local administration, which blocks off particular canals to allow them to build up enough ice to support skaters.

Fortunately, numerous places around the city, notably the vendors at Waterlooplein Market, sell ice skates for those ready to plunge onto the canals.

4- A Thrill at the Highest Swing in Europe

Swinging “over the edge” at A’DAM Lookout is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Amsterdam, gift experiences Netherlands.

This swing, located at a height of a hundred meters and ideal for adventurers and explorers, will give you excitement in Europe and make sure that your trip is completely unforgettable.

We’re not kidding when we say that the two minutes you spent swinging off the edge will rank among your trip’s highlights.

gift experiences Netherlands

5- A Canoe Adventure in Holland’s Waterfalls

The city of Delft is located between the two major cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. Like many other old Dutch cities, Delft is full of crooked homes and several canals with inviting riverfront terraces. Since the city was built around the canals, kayaking is a great activity there!

Delft is also well-known for its tiles and Delft’s Blue porcelain. Therefore, following your kayaking adventure, spend some time exploring the city via gift experiences Netherlands. You may get a glimpse of the medieval church’s crooked tower while rowing the cameo in the water.

6- A Travel in Stoomtram

One of the great things to do in the gift experiences Netherlands is to ride in a Stoomtram. The best way to discover a city is to get around like a local. This steam train, which departs from Hoorn virtually every day, is fantastic for fans of antiques.

You can purchase tickets from the Hoorn Museum Stoomtram, take the most unusual kind of public transportation, and enjoy the scenic beauty on your way to the Museum.

gift experiences Netherlands

7- Parachute Jumping in Texel

Off the coastline of North Holland, on the island of Texel, you’ll find gorgeous beaches, tranquil countryside, and wind-swept dunes.

While there is much to see on the ground, more daring visitors can join parachuting trips to view the island’s breathtaking landscapes from the air. The companies provide various jumps, from beginner duet jumps led by qualified instructors to advanced courses exclusively open to seasoned skydivers.

With Gift experiences Netherlands, you can see Texel in its entirety as you plummet to the ground during these thrilling parachute drops.

8- Mudflat Hiking in Friesland

The vast network of mudflats that stretches from the Netherlands to Germany and onto Denmark includes the northern coastline of Friesland.

This region, also known as the Wadden Sea, has exceptional beauty and is famous for Wadlopen, a mudflat trekking sport in which participants map routes through the mudflats of the Wadden Sea at low tide.

You can experience the Wadden Sea beyond its shoreline by engaging in this tough but rewarding exercise via gift experiences Netherlands. Numerous local foundations plan wadlopen excursions all year long, including several well-known walks that depart from Friesland’s mainland to the northern islands.

gift experiences Netherlands

9- Mountain Biking in the Hoge

Mountain Biking is another thrilling gift experiences Netherlands and a must-visit place for adventurers.

The Netherlands is home to countless well-maintained and peaceful cycling trails. Many challenging off-road routes are ideal for mountain biking.

Mountain bikers are well-known for the Hoge Veluwe National Park’s diverse terrains and magnificent landscapes. The park has several distinctive landscapes, from rolling dunes to dense woods, and is centered around an old glacial crest that developed during the ice age.

You can turn day excursions to the Hoge Veluwe into overnight stays because of the camping areas close to the park, where you may spend more time discovering this beautiful and geographically diverse region.

10- Champagne Tasting at Dan Haag!

The Hauge is famous for wine-tasting tours, and if you are a wine connoisseur, arrange a visit to the champagne tasting at Dan Haag.

With Mojo gift experiences Netherlands, you will get to know the history of champagne making, as well as get to taste different notes of the wine. The wine-tasting is focused on the locality, history, and method of preparation of the wine.

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