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Best Gift Experiences Belgium to Enjoy in Irresistibly Charming Country!

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Best Gift Experiences Belgium to Enjoy in Irresistibly Charming Country!

“Belgium! A plain and unromantic name, but one that, whenever spoken, elicits a sound in my ear and an echo in my heart, unlike any other combination of sounds, no matter how charming or elegant. Belgium!”

 – Charlotte Brönte

Between Germany and France, Belgium is usually considered a cross-border European country. It is a grave error as Belgium offers much more to explore than just fantastical Bruges and Brussels. 

From refined delicacies like fries and chocolate to accessible wilderness getaways, breathtaking medieval towns to cutting-edge art scenes, there is plenty for everyone Gift Experiences Belgium

And what if you gift your loved ones a lifetime experience in Belgium? That would be a dream gift to come true. 

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Here is a list of Mojo gift experiences to do in the irresistibly charming country of Belgium:

1. Brussels - for Shopping, Art, Museums, and Street Food

Brussels is one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, Belgium’s capital, and the headquarter of NATO and EU.

If you are an art enthusiast, you can spend a perfect day strolling around the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. It makes up six must-visit art institutions; the Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain, the art deco structure, and the modern-chic Center for Fine Arts, often known as BOZAR.

The city is home to numerous architectural wonders, including the Grand Place, a Unesco World Cultural Heritage site, and the famed Maison Cauchie, which is only accessible to the public with reservations on the first weekend of each month.

Good news: With a Mojo gift card, you can get a premium reservation and enjoy art at its finest in the front row.

2. Bruges - for Wanderlust and Romantic Escapades

Being in Bruges is like entering a fairytale. The city, referred to as the Venice of the North, is immensely lovely with its complicated canal system bordered with trees, cobblestone streets, and maintained houses.

Due to the red Gothic brick, many of the distinctively medieval buildings have the appearance of gingerbread houses, which adds to their attractiveness.

The historical city center of Bruges was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site thanks to all of it and the fact that it is the birthplace of Flemish Primitive painting.

The best way to enjoy Bruges is slowly. Take a canal boat tour and count all the bridges, then cycle along the canals to the less busy areas as you stroll through Old Town and take in the city squares, the Markt, and the Burg.

Visit the Belfort, one of Bruges’ most famous structures, and ascend its 366 steps for the best bird’s-eye views.

Breathe deeply with a crisp Belgian beer you can get around the city. De Halve Maan, a 16th-century brewery that also provides brewery tours and tastings, and ‘t Brugs Beertje, a famed beerhouse with more than 300 Belgian brews on the menu, are noteworthy beer attractions.

Last but not least, a trip to Bruges would not be complete without stopping at the Groeningemuseum, a museum of fine art that houses a significant collection of Flemish primitive art.

3. Namur - for Natural Views, Rivers, and Forts

Namur, a landlocked province in the Wallonia region of Belgium, is known as the “Land of Valleys.” It is rich in rivers, cliffs, undulating farm hills, and Belgian flora.

Dinant is the ideal day trip location because of its picture-perfect surroundings and impressive citadel set atop limestone cliffs.

Enjoy the scenery from a cafe while sampling local specialties like the Coque de Dinant, a honey-flavored biscuit in many shapes.

Stroll around the picturesque riverside town, cruise along the river, and take the cable car up to the fortress to take in the expansive views, and cruise along the river. It is everything you can do to enjoy your stay at Namur with a Mojo gift card with Belgian gift experiences.

Visit the even smaller town of Liernu for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience; it’s the picture of peace.

L’Air du Temps is a fine-dining restaurant housed in a beautifully rebuilt farmhouse on 12 acres of a private garden. Approximately 80% of the meals have ingredients from the on-site garden and frequently include specialties of the region’s terroir, including the Petits Gris de Namur snails, Wallonia’s most sustainable food source.

The city of Namur, only a short distance away, is the administrative center of the province and the region.

One of Europe’s largest citadels and the adults-only Musée Félicien Rops, which showcases the life and work of the controversial Belgian artist from the 19th century, are located in this laid-back city.

It’s the ideal starting point for your journey through the Belgian Ardennes forests.

4. Antwerp - for Fashion and Design Lovers

If your loved one is a fashion and design admirer, they will love an Antwerp experience. The second-largest city in Belgium and the site of the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, is also its hippest.

The finest designers in the industry, like Martin Margiela and Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga, have roots in Antwerp, and some have since opened distinctive stores worth visiting, such as Dries Van Noten’s Het Modepaleis and Ann Demeulemeester’s svelte, bone-white flagship store.

The Fashion District’s Kammenstraat and Nationalestraat neighborhoods contain more hip stores.

The city has an aesthetic edge brought on by its contrast in architectural styles. The more recent modern constructions have merged with the medieval structures, adding to Antwerp’s diverse environment.

Make your way to the port to admire the Antwerp Port House by architect Zaha Hadid and the MAS, which houses exhibits and artifacts focused on Antwerp.

5. The Belgian Coast - for Satiating the Beach Lover Inside You

The white, sandy Belgian coastline allows you to visit several distinctive towns without feeling overburdened. One of the world’s longest trams, the de Kusttram, is a public coastal tram that runs from De Panne, close to the French border, to Knokke-Heist, close to the Dutch border, with 68 stops along the route. The trip lasts 2.5 hours, and you can enjoy the entire coastline from the luxury of your seat.

De Haan and Oostduinkerke are the two must-see places in Belgium. De Haan is unique from the others in that all structures must have no more than five stories, which helps to maintain the village’s original attractiveness.

Many fall in love at first sight when they see the grassy dunes and low beachside skyline of Belle Epoque buildings.

You’re guaranteed to enjoy the sweet delicacies at the classic Stil Genot tea room or high tea at the retro Wafelhuis Annie.

6. Ghent - for a Weekend Getaway

Ghent is one of the best Belgian towns, including flowing canals, ancient architecture, outstanding museums, and cobblestone alleyways stuffed with shops and restaurants. This serene town is halfway between Brussels and Bruges.

The distinction is that Ghent has the highest concentration of students in all of Belgium, giving one of the nation’s oldest urban regions a young, vibrant heart.

Ghent serves as the best weekend getaway with a spouse or loved one or as a gift experience to someone you cherish. This great town offers so much to see and experience, an outlandish artistic scene, a thriving music scene, and enough mouthwatering plant-based food alternatives to make the city the Vegetarian Capital of Europe.

Additionally, Donderdag Veggiedag, or Thursday Veggie Day, urges omnivores to abstain from meat and fish for 24 hours weekly, with participation from more than half the population and 120 eateries.

There are a wide variety of musical options for everyone’s tastes, from live music on the street to performances at bars and cafes like Kinky Star, a local record label-owned cafe renowned for its Irish coffees and alternative concerts, to performances at the never-boring Vooruit Art Center and from classical performances at De Bijloke Muziekcentrum.

You can experience all this in Belgium with a Mojo Gift Card.

7. Spa Town - for a Well-Being Spa Experience and Thermal Hot Springs

We are sure you never knew that the spa sessions you get at a beauty salon derive the name from Spa Town in Belgium. Spas take after this serene and beautiful Belgian town, home to therapeutic thermal springs and mildly sparkling mineral water sources.

Thermes de Spa, a contemporary and surprisingly economical complex with more than 150 years of experience and tradition, is the most well-known spa in Spa. Tucked away in the hills, resting and relaxing here is majestic because of the breathtaking natural setting.

With a Mojo gift card, You can experience this relaxing spa experience in Spa and a breathtaking view of the thermal springs.

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