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Looking for the best gift for him? Choose Mojo Gift and let him pick from over 10,000 experiences worldwide. Simply select a gift card within your budget, add a personal note, and we'll handle the free global delivery. It's the perfect way to give her the freedom to choose hid dream adventure, creating lasting memories. With Mojo Gift, you're not just giving a gift; you're giving him a bucket list experience.

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Our experience gift cards for him open the door to over 10,000 adventures in more than 100 countries, offering a universe of opportunities. The beauty lies in the choice being entirely his. Allow him to select his ideal adventure, whenever and wherever he desires. It's more than a gift; it's the beginning of his next unforgettable journey.

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Send around the world in 1,2,3​​

In under a minute, send a beautiful, personalized gift for men across the globe. Select your gift, add a heartfelt message, and specify the delivery time. And just like that, your gift is on its way!

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The gift that fits every moment

Celebrate his milestones with a sprinkle of enchantment. From birthdays to anniversaries, make your gift to him unforgettable, turning each moment into a cherished memory. Even from afar, seize the opportunity to send a gift that warms his heart.

Personalize his gift with your love​

A personal message turns any gift into a treasure, and your touch makes it truly unforgettable. Craft your heartfelt greeting for free at checkout, and brighten his day in the most special way.

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Experience Gifts for him

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100 countries | 3500 experiences


Mojo Gift Kuasa Experience Gift Card
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Mojo Gift Daya Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 3.500 experiences


Mojo Gift Amiri Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 3.995 experiences


Mojo Gift Imara Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 2250 experiences


Mojo Gift Aroha Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 1200 experiences


Mojo Gift Kishi Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 850 experiences


Mojo Gift Edisha Experience Gift Card
100 countries | 1000 experiences


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The gold standard in experience gifts​

At Mojo Gift the thrill of choice meets the elegance of surprise. With no price tags in sight, he dives into a world of endless possibilities, selecting from thousands of experiences to craft their perfect adventure. It's not just a gift; it's a gateway to stories waiting to be told.

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Marieke J.
Marieke J.
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Sent a Mojo Gift digital card for a friend's birthday in Singapore—it was effortless and he was so surprised! Adding a personal note made it truly special, and the range of experiences offered is fantastic!
Teodora D.
Teodora D.
Read More
My go-to gift shop for friends, family, and colleagues! Can't wait to receive one myself (hint, hint 😉). Thanks Mojo
Gregory M.
Gregory M.
Read More
From New York with love. You guys ROCK! This is perfect for last-minute presents
Sander H
Sander H
Read More
How could a company offer so many experiences in Bulgaria? Best gift solution for people with friends/family around the world.
Ludvig P.
Ludvig P.
Read More
Mojo, you are a lifesaver. Just sent my gift from Malta to Finland and it arrived instantly! Expats will love your products, keep it up!


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Best gift ideas for him

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At Mojo, there are many experiences available for men. From relaxing on a steam train to driving supercars, take a look at some of our most popular experiences that make great gift experience for him.

Driving Experience Gifts

Men and their cars! Why not gift him an adrenaline-fueled driving day for his special day if you truly want to put a smile on his face? From go-kart racing to driving supercars, we have a wide range of exciting driving experiences for the special man in your life. Whether he’s a seasoned pro petrolhead or simply curious to explore what it’s like to drive an iconic sportscar, we’re confident he’ll enjoy a driving experience day.

Food and Drink Experiences​

They say the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we believe it! At Mojo, our food and drink experiences for him will undoubtedly excite him! Whether he likes afternoon tea, is a beer connoisseur, or wants to dine out at a luxurious five-star hotel, we offer experiences to fit all interests.

Sporting Experience Gifts​

From golf to football, we understand that everyone has a sport of choice. Therefore, presenting the man in your life with an adventure day out centered on his favorite sport is a great way to ensure he has a good time on his special day. Whether it’s a football stadium tour, golf lessons, deep sea fishing, or any other weird and wacky hobby he has, our sporting experience gifts are a perfect gift experience for him!

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Experience gifts for men offer a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate the important males in your life, crafting memories that outshine the allure of traditional presents. These gifts, tailored to personal interests and passions, range from adrenaline-pumping adventures like skydiving and off-road driving to more serene experiences such as gourmet cooking classes and wine tastings. The essence of a great experience gift lies in its alignment with his unique personality, ensuring it’s an adventure he’ll always remember.

Such gifts demonstrate a deep understanding of the recipient, showcasing thoughtfulness in selecting something that resonates with his individual tastes and desires. It’s this personal touch that makes experience gifts so impactful, offering more than just a physical item but a gateway to new adventures and stories.

Experience gifts also tap into the growing desire for meaningful and enriching experiences over material possessions. They provide an opportunity for him to explore new hobbies, refine existing skills, or simply enjoy a break from the everyday routine, injecting a sense of excitement and novelty into his life.

In the realm of gifting, experience gifts stand out by fostering stronger connections and creating shared memories, especially when chosen with the recipient’s interests in mind. The anticipation of the experience, coupled with the enjoyment during and the cherished memories after, contribute to a lasting bond between the giver and the recipient.

For those looking to gift an unforgettable experience, Mojo Gift offers an extensive selection of gift cards that open the door to myriad adventures. Available in over 100+ countries, these gift cards allow him to choose his ideal experience without any price constraints, focusing purely on the joy of the adventure ahead. Whether he’s an adrenaline enthusiast, a culinary connoisseur, or anything in between, a Mojo Gift card is his ticket to an extraordinary experience, making it the ultimate gift for any occasion.

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If you want to get something unique for someone who is difficult to buy for, Mojo’s gift cards will help him choose the best activity to fit his lifestyle. He’ll also be able to plan the activity around his schedule. Our gift cards are more than just experiences for him. While we hope to motivate you to continue the activity as a passion or interest, we also wish to open up your creative side. Taking time away from daily life to do something you truly like will help you in regaining your identity, resulting in long-term satisfaction and increased overall health.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Test Drive

If your boyfriend/husband is into cars, you might consider getting him the IMARA gift card from Mojo to Drive A Ferrari GTC4Lusso, one of the world’s most powerful supercars, with a blisteringly quick top speed of 335 km/h.

High In The Sky: The Unforgettable Flying Experinece

For men who love exploring new adventures, the Blades Unforgettable Flying Experience is geared toward giving him a day like no other! Hosted by the team and staff at our base in Sywell, Northamptonshire, our guests receive VIP treatment for an incredible day of flying and activities.

Drive 10 Supercars on a Private Racetrack

If you find it difficult to impress your man, let us blow his mind with a ground-breaking event which allows him to drive each of ten supercars for four laps under full instruction on an incredible race circuit which has corners built to recreate those of leading F1 circuits from around the world.

Experiences, ranging from thrilling adventures to serene getaways, cater to individual passions and interests, making them more personal and heartfelt. This tailored approach to rewards recognizes employees as unique individuals with diverse tastes and aspirations, significantly enhancing their emotional and professional engagement with the company.

Moreover, experience gifts can ignite a sense of adventure and rejuvenation, which is invaluable for maintaining high levels of creativity and productivity. They offer a break from the routine, fostering well-being and a refreshed perspective upon return.

Concluding with the ultimate gesture of appreciation, giving the gift of choice empowers your sales champions to explore the world at their leisure with a Mojo Gift corporate experience gift. This freedom to choose their dream experience not only celebrates their achievements but also reinforces their invaluable contribution to the company, making it a truly meaningful recognition.

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