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Father's Day Gift Experience

Give Tears Of Joy To Your Dad By Giving Him The Perfect Father's Day Experience Gift!​

A dad is the backbone and superhero of every child. Nobody can ever take his place and we cannot give him back what he had done for us. Remember the day he helped you with your first baby step? or do you remember the time when he fulfilled your wish even before you say anything? Dads are the cutest blessings in our life. Our dads deserve a little gift this Father’s day.

That’s where our Father’s day experience gifts come in. Simply choose a gift card that matches your budget and let your dad choose something he already wanted for years. He can select a unique experience anywhere in the world. Let him make memories with the best Father’s day experience gift ever.



Meet all our Mojo Gift experience gift cards​

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How it Works

Mojo Gift Card - How to score one?

The following four easy steps will allow you or a loved one to get a card that includes over 7000 experiences around the world. With Mojo, every step leads to unforgettable experiences.


Pick a Gift Card

Take your favorite pick from an unparalleled collection of gift cards.


Enjoy free shipping worldwide

Get your gift card delivered around the world for free.


Give the best Gift

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When ordering, the website was extremely responsive and easy to use, and e-mail updates on progress were received on a regular basis. The fast track delivery option worked perfectly, and the securely packed gift card arrived the next working day. I would gladly recommend Mojo gift cards to others, just as it was recommended to me. 


The Netherlands

I bought a Mojo card for my boyfriend’s birthday, who has always wanted to fly but has never been able to afford lessons. Booking online through Mojo was simple and straightforward. We were a little nervous initially, but our experience provider made us feel a lot more comfortable. It was surely the best day for my boyfriend who had a lifetime experience! A huge thank you to Mojo for making his day special!


United Kingdom

The entire process from start to finish was simple. I got the Kuasa gift card for my wife and she picked a Tapas cooking class in Sevilla. She absolutely loved it! Five stars to Mojo!

Unique Father's Day Experience Gifts Ideas For The Best Dad

We always look for physical father’s day experience gift ideas like a shirt, tie, wallet, shoes, or anything our dads like. But this time surprise your dad by giving him a Father’s day experience gift that he will remember forever. Mojo has something very special for all the special dads out there. Our single card holds up to 7000 gift experiences and 2 years of validity. You can choose any card that suits your budget and let your dad enjoy a day full of delicious meals, wonderful sightseeing, games, lessons, a fine wine tasting, tickets to watch their favorite play or anything that will make him love you even more.

You can simply choose any gift card and we will drop this card at your dad’s location and then we will be really happy to make his day. Let MOJO make your father’s day experience gift an experience he will cherish forever.

Good Food

What better way to show love and appreciation to your dad than by giving him a delish lunch at his favorite restaurant and favorite country? If your dad is a foodie he will love this surprise because food makes everyone feel good and happy. Good food will help you count on the unforgettable memories that you will spend at your favorite spot. If your dad love pancakes get him a Father’s day experience gift card for the delicious pancake boats in the Netherlands. It is the best gift for him as he will enjoy one hour of boating while eating pancakes.

Vineyard Tours

Why not make a day of it for Dad or Grandpa and gift him a tour of the Vineyard? They will visit the vineyard and discuss the trials and tribulations of winemaking – followed by a sparkling wine production tutorial, and a guided tasting of sparkling wines. Give him this tour if your dad is a wine lover he will cheer the best days of this Father’s day experience gift forever.

Helicopter Tours & Flying Lesson Gifts

For a cool dad, you can choose the best Father’s day experience gift card option for helicopter tours and flying lessons. If your dad loves adventure this is the perfect opportunity. The guide will help your dad in learning the flying lessons in detail. He will learn how to take the control of a helicopter with a flying lesson under the guidance of experts or simply enjoy a sightseeing helicopter ride with a loved one. If you want to give your dad sky-high excitement choose this option.

Why MOJO Gift Card Is A Perfect Option For Father's Day?

Lists of must-dos are an assortment of undertakings or accomplishments that singular wishes to finish within their lifetime. In spite of the fact that your father probably won’t have a genuine actual show, you can wager that there’s something that he’s for the longest time been itching to do however hasn’t so much for some explanation. Maybe he’s constantly longed for hustling a Ferrari, flying a plane, or in any event, plunge with sharks. Anything that his desire might be, experience gifts assist with making those fantasies become a reality. Envision how his face will illuminate when he opens your uncommon present.  you can’t buy that measure of bliss and fervor from a store!

This year, instead of gifting your dad some socks and chocolates for Father’s day, gift dad an experience with you as it is a perfect surprise. There is nothing better than getting a MOJO gift card for an experience knowing it’s a promise from you to him to experience something together. You are essentially giving the gift of your time and an incredible Father’s day experience gift with your dad and what’s better than that? Give him the experience that will remain in his heart as he grows older. It is important to fulfill your dad’s wishes as he fulfilled ours.

Explore The Mojo

The world is full of wonderful experiences waiting to be discovered. Therefore, Mojo Experience gift cards provides its recipient with a world filled with surprises. You can easily send a gift card right away, no matter where in the world the recipient is, to let them enjoy incredible excursions, activities, and experiences.  

Find hundreds of incredible gift experiences across the countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United kingdom, Spain and many others.








Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Answer To Some Of Your Questions Related To Father’s Day Experience Gifts!

Well, there are a lot of ideas from which you can show love, care, and appreciation to your dads. You can gift your dad a MOJO Father's day experience gift card to their favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner, a tour of the vineyard, a fly lesson, a cooking class, hunting, adventure, sports experience day, or anything your dad loves and whatever your dads deserve. Give him the MOJO Father's day experience gifts as a gift certificate for all the things he did for you. 

A gift just contains some stuff including socks, a watch, wallet, tie, shirt or stuff like that which is used a couple of times and then we lost it or break it or use it and then it got faded away. But a Father' day experience gift for dad is a perfect surprise as it does not contain any stuff but it contains 7000 experiences if you prefer a MOJO Gift card. Your dad can experience anything he wishes for like eating at his favorite restaurant, flying a helicopter, doing beekeeping, to do hiking or anything.

The validity of Mojo Father's day experience gift card is 2 years and we love to update your card on a weekly basis so you can enjoy everything. It's not just the monthly subscription gift experiences.

We prefer using iDeal, PayPal, Credit-/ debit cards, and Bancontact. We make sure to keep up privacy and security so that you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We offer free shipping worldwide. We provide gift cards for Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, and many more so we can make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite experience at your favorite destination. Get in touch with us now.

No, none of our experiences have any name attached to them until a reservation for an experience is made. That means that Mojo Gifts can be transferred to other people. No names, apart from any included in the personal message that you can choose to enter on the basket page are to be disclosed. If the Mojo Gift Card is being delivered to you then the Card will be marked for your attention when it is dispatched but this will only be shown on the envelope.

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