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Give Your Office Family A MOJO Corporate Gift Experience!​

The office is the second home as employees serve more time in the office than at home. Giving a physical gift is an amazing gesture to show how much you care for your employees but the gifting experience is one that they will cherish forever.

Gift experience is the most important thing to give your employee a mental break. You can reward employees or gift them a birthday gift card, gift experience, anniversary right gift experience, or anything they will remember forever and feel valued.



Meet all our Mojo Gift experience gift cards​

The first global gift card to buy and use all over the world

  • > 1250 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 1040 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 1250 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 710 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 620 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 620 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

How it Works

Mojo Gift Card - How to score one?

The following four easy steps will allow you or a loved one to get a card that includes over 7000 experiences around the world. With Mojo, every step leads to unforgettable experiences.


Pick a Gift Card

Take your favorite pick from an unparalleled collection of gift cards.


Enjoy free shipping worldwide

Get your gift card delivered around the world for free.


Give the best Gift

Give them an extraordinary experience with Mojo.


Choose an experience

Let them choose the unique experience or gift they want.





When ordering, the website was extremely responsive and easy to use, and e-mail updates on progress were received on a regular basis. The fast track delivery option worked perfectly, and the securely packed gift card arrived the next working day. I would gladly recommend Mojo gift cards to others, just as it was recommended to me. 


The Netherlands

I bought a Mojo card for my boyfriend’s birthday, who has always wanted to fly but has never been able to afford lessons. Booking online through Mojo was simple and straightforward. We were a little nervous initially, but our experience provider made us feel a lot more comfortable. It was surely the best day for my boyfriend who had a lifetime experience! A huge thank you to Mojo for making his day special!


United Kingdom

The entire process from start to finish was simple. I got the Kuasa gift card for my wife and she picked a Tapas cooking class in Sevilla. She absolutely loved it! Five stars to Mojo!

Corporate Gift Card

Why Choose Mojo for Corporate Gift Experiences?

Mojo Gift is the ultimate destination for corporate gift cards. We offer a vast selection of gift cards at various price points, providing access to hundreds of experiences, products, and services from around the world.

Our gift cards are perfect for businesses looking to show appreciation and reward employees, clients, and partners.

With a range of options to suit every taste, budget, and occasion, Mojo Gift has something for everyone. Whether they are looking for a unique adventure, a luxurious spa day, or a gourmet dining experience, our gift cards offer a world of possibilities.

The world is awe-inspiring!​

Mojo corporate gift experiences are helping companies to let employees and business relations uncover breathtaking experiences all over the world. Making the change to experiences will have a real impact on your team’s motivation and morale.

Easy to use

We provide a comprehensive set of frameworks to manage every part of the gifting process. You don’t need to worry about corporate gift experiences ideas, packages, or shipping, we take care of it with meticulous attention to detail.

Motivate your employees with gifts they really enjoy

When employees have access to the best corporate gift experiences and services, they’re happier and more engaged. With something for everyone to like and an engaged and personalized Customer Experience Department, we are sure that your people will love Mojo Corporate Gifts.

A partner network full of experts​

To help give your employees the best corporate gift experiences, we’ve partnered with some of the leading companies in leisure, and retail. wellness, gastronomy, and fashion. One might look for an indulgent spa treatment, or escape room while some would love a romantic dinner for two or perhaps something more adventurous.

Embrace Mojo Gift in your organization

Whether you are part of a multinational, have hundreds of employees, or have a smaller company and want to reward your employees or customers, we are 100% convinced that Mojo corporate gift experience is the right solution.

The best present? A Mojo Gift Card

You can offer a variety of trips to your beloveds as a birthday present and what can be better than a luxurious Airbnb experience? Mojo has a wide collection of hotels and resort at the best locations across different countries. So, If a friend or colleague is leaving for a vacation give them a pass to stay at the best hotel in town with Mojo gift cards.

Ingenious Loyalty Solutions

Our extensive and mind-blowing corporate gift experiences boxes make an ideal range from which to select the perfect gift. Whether you would like to thank your loyal clients, motivate your distribution network, increase consumer participation or boost your sales with attractive prizes or giveaways.

Explore The Mojo

The world is full of wonderful experiences waiting to be discovered. Therefore, Mojo Experience gift cards provides its recipient with a world filled with surprises. You can easily send a gift card right away, no matter where in the world the recipient is, to let them enjoy incredible excursions, activities, and experiences.  

Find hundreds of incredible gift experiences across the countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United kingdom, Spain and many others.









Frequently Asked Questions

Get Every Single Answers There if you want

Corporate gifting is the act of sending an employee, prospect, or client a physical or non-physical gift in an action to build or maintain the connection between the recipient and the company or brand. Mojo has the best experience gift for a team of employees out there because we know how to make them feel valued and special with the right gift. Instead of giving your employee money, incentive or bonus give them an corporate gift experience that will become memorable for them.

Well, we have a variety of gift cards to give it to your valued and respected employees. You can gift them a card that has spa treatment, good food/ mardi gras, a stay in a luxurious hotel, a sports day, a trip to national parks, and much more so that they will remember it forever.

The validity of Mojo gift card is 2 years and we love to update your card on a weekly basis so you can enjoy everything. It's not just the monthly subscription gift experiences.

Branding strategies can be established through corporate gift experiences. Businesses are increasingly giving their employees and clients gifts embossed with their brands. You can use a branded gift as a marketing strategy in addition to showing your appreciation to those who help your business succeed. You can also gift the experiences as a bonus or as an incentive to your employees so they can have a mental break. and when they came back from a good holiday trip they will feel relaxed and share more thoughts and ideas to increase productivity.

Basically, the validity of each card is 2 years, and we love to update your card weekly so you can enjoy it all. Not only do we offer monthly subscription gift experiences, but we also offer other experiences as well.

Ordering the card is very easy. Four simple steps will guide you through the process. The first step is to pick the card according to your budget, then we deliver it to our doorsteps, you can give this card to someone or you can even choose it for yourself and the last step is the receiver receives the card and enjoy it accordingly.

Absolutely! We are not only providing free gift shipping around the world but we are also offering digital gift cards so that you can enjoy your holiday with ease and make memories as much as you can.

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