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20 Best Birthday Gift Experiences with Experience Gift Cards

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best birthday gift experiences

20 Best Birthday Gift Experiences with Experience Gift Cards

And when the clock hit noon it is midnight and clearly, it is somebody’s birthday out there. Well, “Birthdays” are that exceptional occasion or day that everyone looks forward to it all year.

For instance, some people are even counting the months and days till their birth date to receive that sparkling wrapped box, a plane ticket to aboard, an exciting treat, a relaxing getaway, or fun activities to do at an amusement park. But not all brains think alike for some people the birth-day (the born day) undoubtedly brings some flashes of the year gone which would be more like a year down or one it could be a milestone achieved and of course some hopes for the dreamy future that is awaiting in the coming year after the candles are blown away and the cake has been cut.

But Wait Wait!!! Aren’t we skipping the best part about BIRTHDAYS?? Is it the indulging Cake or the Birthday Party Not Really……… YES! you got me right its “The GIFT.”

Pick the Perfect Birthday Gift with the Charm of Mojo Birthday Gift Experiences For Your Darling Ones !!!!!

The word ‘Gifts’ for the receiver is like music to the ears and for the giver that would be a whole task to think, evaluate and decide what to buy considering the budgeting. Even after a gift is bought we are still in the dilemma that it will be liked, loved, or appreciated or it will end up getting aged somewhere back in the closet, under the bed or the worse could be passed to someone else.

For some people gift receiving becomes an awkward moment when they open that gift and it’s something they don’t like, but they pretend to love it – The fake forceful smile is not what everyone is an expert in.

Well, worry not Mojo is here to help you for sure and it also guarantees that your gift doesn’t face that awkward, forceful smile or land up somewhere back in the wardrobe beneath the pile of clothes.

Let’s face the reality, physical gifts have almost lost their charm, and admiration in the present Era not only Gen Z but all age groups are all into exploration, adventures, and experiences that allow them to travel around the world and see what it has to offer.

And when we are talking about global traveling experiences, fun trips, and some amazing activities;

What could be a better option other than MOJO Experience Gift Cards through Exclusive Gift Cards?

What makes Mojo Experience gifts so distinctive & a Perfect Gift Choice?

In this article, we will enlighten you with some of the most prestigious birthday gift experience ideas, options, and choices that will give the conventional gift-giving chain a break. The best part about Mojo is that their extraordinary experiences would make a huge difference in someone’s life HOW???

Mojo Gift Experiences gives gift receivers the ultimate opportunity & authority (which we will talk about in the while) to explore, take part, try, and do some of the most spontaneous and happening things in the world to remember, cherished, and feel privileged forever.

Birthdays and Mojo Experiences are like hand-in-hand combinations, more like a match made for each other, and through its premium, exclusive, and classic collection of ‘Gift Cards’ its offers the most extraordinary charming gift ideas, which are unique, breathtaking, and of course brings that adrenaline rush or release happy hormones i.e., dopamine. It offers more the 7000+ gift experiences in more than 25 different countries worldwide with 2-year validity. The Mojo Gift Card can be shipped easily anywhere around the globe with fast and hassle-free delivery.

“The best part is that it offers both Digital gift cards as well and promotes free exchange. Now you have a perfect option either ho for a physical card or use the digital one.”

valentine's day gift experience

Choose Your Gifts:

Whether you want to pick a gift for your easygoing best friend (which is quite easy I would say because you know her well considering her favorites) or picky mother-in-law which seems daunting but with MOJO – Gift Cards Experiences you can gift something that they will love, admire and adore.

Because it also gives the Gift Receiver the Authority to choose any experience according to their taste, fondness, and preference by themselves from their exclusive Gift Card Collection. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now Mojo has swiped all your Birthday Gifts related problems swiftly.

Let's explore Mojo's Most Enduring Birthday Gift Experience:

Mojo has always brought some new and innovative ideas for making the whole experience of giving gifts just out of the world. From the world, most exotic places trip to the most daring adventures, from relaxing spa experiences to fine dining you can never go wrong with MOJO experiences.

These unique and innovative gifts are picked with special attention, the best part is they are for all ages, gender, and human type (Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert, and Omnivert). It brings the perfect opportunity to gift someone the most contended and happy experiences of a lifetime.

Let’s discover them individually to get a better insight so that you can decide with more clarity what to pick for the Birthday.

Soul-Satisfying Getaways:

Mojo has bought the most serene and refreshing rewards that are considered truly soul-satisfying birthday gift experiences. Just consider yourself somewhere sipping hot tea/coffee in a small cabin, pod, escape room, or in a getaway house more like a scavenger hunt cave experience and admiring the scenic view of the countryside, woods, or forest. Imagine the great outdoors that it has; the snowflakes or smell of rain makes you feel so refreshed and alive. If it’s a bright sunny day then you would love to hike around the mountainous trails while discovering some plants and consuming earthy sounds of nature; like birds crapping or waterfalls dripping.

Would not that be perfect? Just so magical, pure, and surreal. Mojo Gift Cards give you the same places with eternal pleasures, these places are more like a soul-satisfying voyage or camping trip.

Peace, tranquility, and serenity are highly embedded and appreciated. Also, you can connect with nature, spend quality time with yourself, or someone’s company that you enjoy the most and treasure forever.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • One night stay with breakfast at The Unbound in The Netherlands.

  • One night in a unique wooden Chalet in Belgium.

  • Two hours guided hike in nature with goats in Germany.

  • Two night stay at La Bulle Du Ruisseau in Belgium.

  • Two sights at Glamping Resort Biosphere in Germany.

  • Snowshoe trip to paradise with lunch in Switzerland.

  • And much more.

best birthday gift experiences

Thrillseeker/Adrenaline-Rushed Expenditures:

For some of us living on the edge is inspiring. These people are born with daring and adventurous genes that give them the ultimate courage to live life fearlessly on their terms & own pace. They want to test their limits by exploring, performing, and discovering every tiny activity that beats their heart faster, and pumps more blood with the jolt of adrenaline rush within a few hours. The excitement, breathing, and mixed emotions make them enjoy life to its fullest. Mojo thrillseeker birthday gift experiences are a perfect present for adventurous junkies.

Whether it is about indoor rock climbing, indoor skydiving, bungee jumping, or any other fun, daring activity, Mojo has it all. These experiences are perfectly molded with some of the most daring, breathtaking adventures and activities for these superhumans because jumping from 13,000 feet (approx 4000 meters) is not an easy task #skydiving.

Let’s get some insight into them:

  • Early Bird Paragliding Davos in Switzerland.

  • Advanced Canyoning for two in Austria.

  • 4×4 Buggy Adventure in Bulgaria.

  • The Cycle Trail in Al Ula in Saudia Arabia.

  • Bodyflying in a wind tunnel in Germany.

  • Glacier Canyon Grindelwald in Switzerland.

  • Zipline at Mount Ulriken in Norway.

  • And much more.

best birthday gift experiences

Fine Gourmet Dining & lustrous Drink Experiences:

Mojo offers some of the most mouth-watering dining experiences from over all the world. Get to know more about culture and traditions by trying some global cuisines. Some of the dining experience gifts recommend exotic views like the Globe Restaurant in Riyadh with some fine gourmet delicious meals.

Whether it’s hot cocoa or cocktail making, Mojo all food and drink experiences are selected to provide the most satisfying and wholesome food experience in terms of service, taste, ambiance, and hospitality. Some birthday gift experience options also include various food tours and brewery tours, including lustrous wine & whiskey tasting.

The best options for divine dining experiences are listed below:

  • Dinner at the Globe Restaurant in Riyadh.

  • Luxury 6-course bus dining experience in the United Kingdom.

  • Cocktail Course for two in Germany.

  • Secret Flavour of Alicate Food Tour in Spain.

  • Dinner in Desert Safari in Dubai.

  • Flying cup Dubai flight with dinner experience.

  • Delicious Afternoon Tea in Belgium.

  • Manchester Cheese Experience in the United Kingdom.

  • French wine tasting for two in France

best birthday gift experiences

Magical and Impactful Trips:

Who does not loves a Hot Air Balloon Ride, I guess almost everyone once in a lifetime wants to get up in the clouds to witness the most magical and impactful moment of the sun rising through the Hot Air Balloon.

An experience like this leaves an impactful and everlasting effect, therefore following this theme Mojo offers the most thoughtful gift ideas that will make unforgettable memories. They could be availed on a weekend trip, with the whole family or just a family member, or even alone as it is a perfect gift for Birthdays.

Some of the most magical birthday gift experiences are listed below:

  • Vienna Riesenrad Ferris Wheel in Austria.

  • Barcelona Hot-Air Balloon ride in Spain.

  • Panoramic Lake Luzern Cruise in Switzerland.

  • Seine Cruise with Champagne for two in Paris.

  • Giethoorn by boat for two in the Netherlands.

  • And much more.

Fun, Educational and Effective Workshops:

Mojo has made the whole gifting experience to another level as it not only offers trips, adventures, and food experiences but also introduced some unique, fun, and educating workshops all year round globally. Art class sound so much fun or learning a musical instrument like the guitar lessons. All the workshops are on very interesting topics like craft cocktails, dance classes, clay modeling, baking, and in-person cooking classes as well.

Depending on the gift receiver’s fondness, creativity, and skill level you can decide which workshop to gift. It could be a Macaron baking or private Tapas cooking class. This could be an innovative birthday gift with a monthly subscription that will bring so many fun things and options for a great gift idea. In the future, it might offer virtual classes like online cooking classes as well.

Learn and Get Expert with Mojo’s fun workshops. 

  • Biathlon course in Bavaria

  • Private Tapas cooking class in Spain.

  • Fire Breathing workshop in the Netherlands.

  • Macaron baking masterclass in France.

  • One-hour pole dance lessons trial session for one person.

  • Cooking Worship at WuWei in Belgium.

  • And much more.

best birthday gift experiences

Relaxing, Beauty, and Wellness Services:

Everyone loves to feel pampered once in a while, these services are more like self-love treats that bring satisfaction, contentment, and joy. Spoiling our loved ones on their special day with these amazing services offers better mental health and wellness and it could be one of the best birthday gift experience for anyone’s Birthday.

Mojo has specially gathered some luxury and relaxed experiences like a Spa treatment, and traditional body massage e.g., Thai massage. It also offers wellness treatments like Yoga sessions through professionals similar fitness experience to ClassPass Gift Card. Mojo pamperings getaways are picked according to location use, some of the places are located in the mountains or countryside to give that ultimate relaxed and noise-free experience days. Good health inside out is all that we want in the long term. Thus Mojo understands this offers some beauty, wellness, and fitness-related gifts.

Some of the beauty/wellness/fitness experiences are listed below:

  • Half-day Spa For one person in Belgium.

  • Skin Treatment for her at Beauty Expert in Belgium.

  • Relaxation Massage in Austria.

  • Traditional Thai Massage for two in Spain.

  • Vinyasa yoga class in Spain.

  • Morning Yoga cruise on a boat in Norway.

  • And much more.

Wellness Retreat with Beauty Focus

Disneyland, Amusement Park, or Safari Visit:

Some of us do love roller coaster rides or discovery rides which bring excitement and joy. Mojo also brings fun, happening, and animal-oriented adventures that are adored by most people. Prepare a perfect day with a picnic basket, snacks, and drinks to enjoy these places.

Whether it’s about the theme park, local zoos, national parks, and federal recreational lands like Grand Canyon, Disneyland Paris, or the natural history museum getting an annual pass to the safari park – all these and some more are added to the Mojo Adventurous birthdays and wedding gift experience.

Some of the best birthday gift experiences are as follows:

  • Trip to Disneyland, Paris.

  • Musk Ox Safari in Doverfjell National Park in Norway.

  • Desert Safari in Dubai.

  • AquaFelix Family Entrance in Italy.

  • Family Entrance ticket for Safaripark Beekse Bergen.

  • VIP Catamaran Dolphin Crusie for up to four people.

  • Vienna Riesenrad Ferris Wheel In Austria.

  • Two-hour guided hike in nature with goats.

  • And much more.

Miscellaneous but exclusive Physical Gifts:

Mojo’s gifting experiences also include some physical gifts that are exquisitely designed with the most pleasurable, authentic, and unique ideas. These experiences are highly appreciated. These gifts are far from conventional gifts like repetitive accessories, makeup junk, or household decor but prove to be a perfect gift idea for a birthday, the holiday season, or any sporting event or family game night.

Mojo’s special birthday gift experiences give you soul-satisfying feelings that will create memories you can cherish forever like one of its experiences includes a professional photoshoot opportunity in the United Kingdom through a professional photographer. These are not like ordinary temporary gifts that do look good for the time being but end up somewhere resting in your wardrobe for the whole time.

The physical best gift experiences include:

  • Ruslan Baginskiy Canotier Hat.

  • Tonino Lamborghini Coffee (Monthly subscription).

  • Locherber Milano Home Aroma Diffuser Gift Set.

  • Avalon Black Automatic watch.

  • Xiaomi MI Electric Scooter.

  • Deluxe Celebration Box with Champagne.

  • And Much More.

best birthday gift experiences

Art, History & Architecture Lover:

The people who love art and nature see the world differently. Their imagination is so strong and if your Birthday boy or girl is one of them then gift her the most creative, mindblowing art and history experiences. From Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to Jaffa Cultural Stories and Coffee in Israel to Glozhene Monastery Horse Ride.

Some of the places have some religious values attached to them. And these places might be on the list of some people that will love to see them at some point in their lifetime. These birthday gift experiences are all here to make you a special occasion gift experience filled with art, love history, and creativity.

Some of the nature and art innated experiences are as follows:

  • Edge of the world Off Road Tour in Saudi Arabia.

  • Private Vatican Tour in Italy.

  • Masada, Ein Gedi & The Dead Sea in Israel.

  • Jaffa Cultural Stories and Coffee in Israel.

  • Glozhene Monastery Horse Ride.

  • And Much More.

best birthday gift experiences arts and theatre experiences

For Soccer Fans & Cars Lovers:

Mojo also offers some of the most unique and unreachable opportunities for people who love football and sports cars. These are visits to some of the world’s most famous stadiums or sport car museums.

Soccer is the most liked sport and anything related to it whether trainers, t-shirts or footballs bears so much importance. The same goes for sports cars, like Porsche or Ferrari. So for faithful and aggressive fans out there, this could be a spot-on opportunity.

Some of the Mojo birthday gift experiences are fellow:

  • Casa Milan Museum Entrance for two people in Italy.

  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Simulator.

  • Football Town retro leather football + Football Shirt (FREE SHIPPING).

  • Museo Ferrari Entrance tickets in Italy.

  • Arsenal Football Match at Emirates stadium in the United Kingdom.

  • Ans Much More.

Water Sports Lovers:

Water Sports bring so much fun and adrenaline rush. Mojo experiences are also packed with some world-famous water sports and thrilling adventures.

These sports are for everyone and the best part is that you can gift them for the special day as it would make the most memorable experience for birthdays.

Water Sports bucket list includes:

  • E. Foil Fliteboard course in Germany

  • Kite surf private lessons in Portugal

  • SUP & Paddle on the River Vecht for two.

  • Kayak Exploration at Hydra Island in Norway

  • And Much More.

best birthday gift experiences

For Strong Tastebuds Holders:

Having strong tastebuds is a very distinctive feature of humans. This also brings interest and fondness to try different flavors in terms of drinks, food, desserts, and appetizers.

For someone fond of this activity; Gift them Mojo Tasting experience gifts in some of the world-famous places.

Whether it’s about exquisite wine tasting or cheese indulgence, Mojo has it all.

Some birthday gift experiences are listed below:

  • Wine and roses tour with lunch in Bulgaria.

  • Champagne Tasting Tour + Lunch in the United Kingdom.

  • Private Wine Tasting in Switzerland.

  • Manchester Cheese Experience in the United Kingdom.

  • And Much More.

best birthday gift experiences

Mojo Experiences with Some Value-Added Benefits:

Mojo has brought some value-added benefits with its premium and exclusive gift card collection. It offers some of the world’s most exotic and satisfying experiences.

The experience gift cards collection is selected according to the uniqueness and leisure activities they provide with some memorable birthday gift experiences.

Mojo Gifts Cards are loaded with numerous benefits, features, and deals that make it better and stand out amongst its competitors like virgin experience gifts or StubHub gift cards, or any other gift certificate or card.

Let’s have a quick look at some of its features:

Provides the World’s Most Extraordinary Experiences:

Mojo provides some of the world’s most extraordinary experiences. These experiences are the best gift ideas for Birthdays, Christmas, the Holiday season, the New year, Anniversaries, or anyone from the whole family.

Mojo Experience Gift Card gives the ultimate authority to gift receivers to choose any gift experience from the gift card according to their preference and likeness.

Offers 8 Exclusive Gift Cards Range to Choose From:

Mojo has introduced a collection of 8 Gift Cards, which are unique and different from each other and provide luxurious and satisfying experiences.

Almost 7000+ in 25 Different Countries:

The experience includes more than 7000+ gift options, trips, adventures, getaways, and beauty treatment and wellness sessions from all over the world in 25+ different countries.

8+ Exclusive and Premium Gift Cards Range:

Our gift card collection includes:

  • KUASA Gift Card

  • DAYA Gift Card

  • AMIRI Gift Card

  • IMARA Gift Card

  • AROHA Gift Card

  • KISHI Gift Card

  • EIDSHA Gift Card


Best & Affordable Prices with a 10% Discount on the 1st Purchase:

Mojo offers the best and most affordable gift cards in the town. Some of its experiences can also be included in the $100 gift range or experience. The gift cards are designed keeping in mind the budget and affordability.

The good news is that it offers a 10% discount on the 1st purchase to all its valued customers.

Provide 2 Years of Validity:

It also offers a validity of 2 years, you can use or avail of that experience within the time limit of 2 years. Don’t worry if you have some important plans/health conditions this summer to visit Disneyland you can visit next summer with your little ones.

Promotes Free Exchange:

It also promotes free exchange options with hassle-free services and 24/7 customer support. Our team is always very responsive to make sure that we answer all your valuable queries in a timely and effective.

Physical and Digital Gift Cards:

It offers both physical as well as digital cards so now you do not have to worry about taking the physical card everywhere on the go with you just use the digital card.

Free Shipping Worldwide:

Mojo delivers or provides free shipping worldwide, whether you want to send this experience gift card to your loved one in Finland or Germany it doesn’t matter it delivers all over the globe.

Offers Secure Checkout:

When you purchase the Mojo Gift Card and share your personal valuable information we make sure to give you a safe and secure network with secure checkout.

best birthday gift experiences

In a Nutshell:

Mojo Experiences is the perfect Birthday Gift Experience because its wide range of premium gift selections makes you wonder what gift to choose from for your special ones, they all are one of a kind and embrace unique importance and value.

So the next time whenever there is anyone special you know has a birthday, surprise them with Mojo experiences and charm.

So that they can remember these experiences forever and always and make their Birthdays The Happiest!!!!!