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Mojo is a means to present someone with a lifetime experience with a specialized gift card. The recipient can choose from a variety of experiences available around the world.

Mojo offers worldwide experience options tailored to different people and occasions. Mojo aims to make it easier for people to explore new prospects and create exceptional memories. 

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Global Coverage

Each Mojo Gift Card can be redeemed in over 100 countries. Every week we add new experiences and countries.
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> 10.000 Experiences

All our Mojo experience Gift Card boast hundreds, or even thousands of experiences, services and products to choose from.
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2 Years Validity

Mojo cards are valid for 2 years. Let your friends and family have the ultimate experience whenever they want.
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Free Worldwide Shipping

We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders. Rather go eco-friendly and send a digital Mojo Gift card? That's also possible!

With Mojo,
you can purchase an experience gift card of any value that suits your budget. They are available in a digital card form that can be redeemed online or at physical locations as traditional paper gift cards. Mojo gift cards have a wide range of incredible experiences like couples’ getaways, gift experiences for family and friends, solo traveler adventures, and more.

Moreover, Mojo has locations all over the world, including the United States, Germany, Belgium, Spain, and many others. Check out the Mojo Gift Cards and order one for a person or event today.

Global Experience

Each Mojo Gift Card has thousands of experiences around the world

Regardless of the occasion, experience gifts are a great way to show your loved one how much you appreciate them. Mojo offers an exceptional choice of experiences from which to select. 

A gift experience isn’t just a thoughtful present; it’s also a wealth of memories your friend or loved one can enjoy for years to come. 

We have thousands of happy clients that trust us with the whole experience. We deliver the card anywhere in the world for free and the receiver can redeem their card in over 28 countries. We’ve helped people find the perfect experience. Let’s find yours.

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Happy Clients
Mojo Gift Cards
Meet all our Mojo Gift experience gift cards​

The first global gift card to buy and use all over the world

  • > 1250 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 1040 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 1250 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 710 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 620 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

  • > 620 experiences

  • > 25 countries

  • > 2 years validity

How it Works

Mojo Gift Card - How to score one?

The following four easy steps will allow you or a loved one to get a card that includes over 7000 experiences around the world. With Mojo Gift Card, every step leads to unforgettable experiences.


Pick a Gift Card

Take your favorite pick from an unparalleled collection of gift cards.


Enjoy free shipping worldwide

Get your gift card delivered around the world for free.


Give the best Gift

Give them an extraordinary experience with a Mojo gift card.


Choose an experience

Let them choose the unique experience or gift they want.

Mojo : Gift Card For Everyone

People’s tastes have evolved together with time. It can be very challenging to find out what someone would appreciate given the wide variety of products accessible both online and offline. A gift card is one of the best present options available today. It is easy and considerate for both the recipient and the sender. That’s why Mojo brings you a unique array of gift cards that are perfect for any occasion- whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or graduation with a trip abroad.

You can also personalize the card to make it more meaningful. If you know what the recipient likes, you can pick a card with a specific value or that represents a particular item.

Explore The Mojo

The world is full of wonderful experiences waiting to be discovered. Therefore, Mojo gift experiences provide its recipient with a world filled with surprises. You can easily send a gift card right away, no matter where in the world the recipient is, to let them enjoy incredible excursions, activities, and experiences.  

Find hundreds of incredible gift experiences across countries including Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and many others.







At Mojo, our mission is to brighten the lives of millions of people through the gift of experiences by offering personal experience gift cards that can be used wherever, in a sustainable way, and with excellent customer service.






Our vision is to see people having an amazing time and creating lasting memories with their loved ones. From a relaxing spa day and afternoon tea to racing cars and climbing mountains, we have something for everyone.




We offer authentic and affordable experience gift cards that allow people to travel anywhere, see the world, meet new people, enjoy their favourite activities, and enrich their lives with spontaneous and exhilarating experiences.

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